Prescription Joy has the honor of hosting training workshops where we teach hospital staff, child protective services, and law enforcement how to work with child-victims of physical and/or sexual abuse.

In 2018 RxJ hosted a workshop on integrating clowning into the work that is done at the Child Advocacy Center in New Orleans. See below for photos!  


What participants loved...

"Honoring kids' opinions and treating them as equals."- Maria Pontoriero, Case Manager at Child Advocacy Center

"Physical activities! Hearing theories/approaches and understanding the spectrum of clowning." -
Sarah Thomas, Psychologist at Child Advocacy Center

"Specific ideas- Group Fun- was wonderful!" -Anne Troy, NP Forensics at Child Advocacy Center

The New Orleans Child Advocacy Center (NOCAC) is a program of the Audrey Hepburn Children At-Risk Evaluation Center at Children’s Hospital that provides a coordinated, multi-agency approach to the investigation, intervention, and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse. It is located in a restored, child-friendly cottage co-located with the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center at 1101 Calhoun NOLA 70118

We were so honored to be invited to lead a workshop that helps all staff use the principals of clowning to connect with one another and empower children and families that enter their space. 

We provided research on elements of play, information on health care clowning, as well as activities and games to help with human connection. 

Thank you Child Advocacy Center for all you do for the children and families of our community. We learned so much from working with you.