Some messages from the halls of the hospitals!

“Prescription Joy offered a break from the nurse checks and medicine infusions that allowed Beauregard to relax and take a moment to contemplate the meaning of a joke instead of his circumstance.  We are very grateful to them for the light-hearted moments during our journey!”

Christy Dirks
Parent of child at New Orleans Children’s Hospital

“There is nothing better than watching a child whose life has been turned upside down giggle, laugh, let alone smile for the first time in weeks.  The two clowns that came from Prescription Joy were fantastic!!  They engaged and connected with her in a short period of time and allowed her to forget where she was for a moment.  They allowed her to be a child, something that unfortunately has been stolen from her and I will forever be grateful to the Prescription Joy group for their demeanor, kindness and creative ways.  Thank you for bringing us all a little laughter but in particular to our patients.  There are numerous studies that show laughter can actually help ease pain and help in the healing process.  I would love to encourage them to be a routine part of our inpatient child life program.”

Joyce Varghese D.O.
Senior Pediatric Critical Care Staff
Ochsner Hospital for Children

“The influence Prescription Joy has had on Ochsner Hospital for Children is by far remarkable. Prescription Joy works directly with the Child Life Department at Ochsner. A goal and purpose of Child Life is to normalize the hospital setting in developmentally appropriate ways. Joe & Goe, with Prescription Joy, fully embrace this goal and bring an element of play, fun, and laughter to children of all ages! They accomplish this goal by interacting with each child, inviting them to join in activities such as: bubble blowing inspection, garbage-can decorating, shadow puppet shows and much more. We cannot express enough the impact Prescription Joy has had not only on our patients but employees as well! There is certainly something about two comedic clowns strolling down the hall that automatically brightens one’s day. A visit from Joe & Goe is certainly an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone!”

Katie Thibodeaux, B.S
Child Life Assistant
Ochsner Hospital for Children

“‘Who were those people and when can they come back?’” was the phone call I received one afternoon from our secretary in outpatient radiology. She went on to gush about how awesome Joe and Goe were, how well they interacted with the patients and families, and how much lighter they made the waiting room. She rattled off the busiest weekdays for the department and asked if Joe and Goe could come back because they would help ease the sometimes extended wait. Needless to say, Prescription Joy made an impression on the radiology department and now they can’t get enough.

As a child life specialist in the radiology department, my job is to make the hospital an easier place to be; whether that be through education, learning and practicing coping skills, providing developmental support, or making this place a little more normal. Prescription Joy compliments this work, as they engage our patients and families; and bring humor, silliness, and fun to our

hospital. The hospital is not an easy place to be, but there are ways that we can make it more normal to support healing and help children feel that coming to the doctor isn’t so hard. Prescription Joy is absolutely critical in supporting that mission and that work. We’re so proud to say they are a part of our team.”

Hannah Dimmitt
Child Life Specialist, Radiology
New Orleans Children’s Hospital

“Having Prescription Joy at the hospital has put smiles on patient's, family members, and staff. Whoever Joe and Goe pass in the hallway, they are sure to acknowledge them. They have brightened a day for many of my patients who have been hospitalized for extended periods or who are visiting for a check-up. CHNOLA is so lucky to have them bring healing through: joy, fun, laughter and smiles... OH and candy for staff :) “

Miranda Dunnam
Certified Child Life Specialist
New Orleans Children’s Hospital

“Prescription Joy has brought a wonderful and unique service to our patients!  Becca and Alex share appropriate and personalized humor to the forefront. These moments of distraction offer smiles to patients, families, and staff.”

Katie Daher
Director of Patient Centered Care
Ochsner Hospital