Prescription Joy produced our first ever theatrical play, CLEAN SQUAD: AN ANTISEPTIC ADVENTURE. This play traveled to Children’s Hospital, Ochsner Hospital for Children, New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter, and Trinity Episcopal School.

Clean Squad performing at Trinity Episcopal School!

Clean Squad performing at Trinity Episcopal School!

We were in the Paper! Check this link  here . Or  this  one. Or  this  one! but not  this  one.

We were in the Paper! Check this link here. Or this one. Or this one! but not this one.


Prescription Joy, or RxJ, is dedicated to bringing healthcare clowning to the city of New Orleans.

Healthcare clowning uses humor and human connection to aid in healing patients, families, and even staff members. Prescription Joy creates an environment of joy and healing for all. 

Come find out what RxJ is all about!

“Prescription Joy offered a break from the nurse checks and medicine infusions that allowed Beauregard to relax and take a moment to contemplate the meaning of a joke instead of his circumstance.  We are very grateful to them for the light-hearted moments during our journey!”

Christy Dirks
Parent of child at New Orleans Children’s Hospital

“There is nothing better than watching a child whose life has been turned upside down giggle, laugh, let alone smile for the first time in weeks.  The two clowns that came from Prescription Joy were fantastic!!  They engaged and connected with her in a short period of time and allowed her to forget where she was for a moment.  They allowed her to be a child, something that unfortunately has been stolen from her and I will forever be grateful to the Prescription Joy group for their demeanor, kindness and creative ways.  Thank you for bringing us all a little laughter but in particular to our patients.  There are numerous studies that show laughter can actually help ease pain and help in the healing process.  I would love to encourage them to be a routine part of our inpatient child life program.”

-Dr. Joyce Varghese D.O.
Senior Pediatric Critical Care Staff
Ochsner Hospital for Children