Becca Chapman and Alex Smith have launched a new company, Prescription Joy, dedicated to bringing Health Care Clowning to the city of New Orleans.

Health Care Clowning uses humor and human connection to aid in healing patients, families, and even staff members. Prescription Joy creates an environment of joy and healing for all. 

Please feel free to explore our website and see what RxJ is all about!

“We cannot express enough the impact Prescription Joy has had not only on our patients but employees as well! There is certainly something about two comedic clowns strolling down the hall that automatically brightens one’s day. A visit from Joe & Goe is certainly an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone!”

--Katie Thibodeaux, B.S Child Life Assistant Ochsner Hospital for Children

As a child life specialist in the radiology department, my job is to make the hospital an easier place to be; whether that be through education, learning and practicing coping skills, providing developmental support, or making this place a little more normal. Prescription Joy compliments this work, as they engage our patients and families; and bring humor, silliness, and fun to our hospital. The hospital is not an easy place to be, but there are ways that we can make it more normal to support healing and help children feel that coming to the doctor isn’t so hard. Prescription Joy is absolutely critical in supporting that mission and that work. We’re so proud to say they are a part of our team.”

-Hannah Dimmitt Child Life Specialist, Radiology New Orleans Children’s Hospital