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HealthCare Clowning Resources

Healthcare clowns focus on humor and play to stimulate the mind and boost morale, complimenting today's medical practice, to give patients complete care. Studies have shown time and again that healthcare clowns are effective in the healing process: easing stress, increasing endorphins, boosting the immune system, and assisting in improving patient-doctor communication. Prescription Joy is an organization that brings the therapeutic work of healthcare clowns into hospitals in New Orleans; our goal is to make the service available to all patients in the city, and beyond.

Healthcare clowning has been a part of the healing community for many years, in many parts of the world, and has been proven time and again to be beneficial for both patients and their caretakers.

Below are some examples:

The Medical Clown Project

The Dream Doctors

Clown Care

Red Noses

The Laughter League

Emergency Circus

Funny Bones

Patch Adams

Literature and benefits of Healthcare clowning:

Studies done by The Dream Doctors on Medical Clowning Benefits

The Benefits of Music

Dream Doctor's Video

2018 Healthcare Clowning International Meeting in Vienna: